To a Glorious Grave

from by passion fanfare



I'm good enough for Vermont except when I'm not
and the sweat of your fevered old brow is the last thing I want
and I know I know I know it's all for posterity anyway
just kissing and hoping your way to a glorious grave

a beggar a liar for richer for poorer a thief
just chasing your laces and dreaming in search of relief
to shower for hours is fine but I wasn't brought up that way
you'll radically coddle yourself to a glorious grave

lying still is not a revolution
even though you look good on the ground

for richer for poorer in sickness except when I'm sad
which is more and more often these days so I'm watching my back
your retreat is as neat as the subtleties of your approach
I see the direction you're set on I don't have to watch how you go

lying still is not a revolution
yeah I know you look good on the ground

are you good enough for Vermont?


from poison & sleep techniques, released December 19, 2016




passion fanfare San Francisco, California

always give up
always surrender

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