I Looked Better On My First Day

from by passion fanfare



if cleanliness is next to Godliness I'm living in hell
don't think you have it all figured out you don't know me that well
I get smarter when I'm working lose my head when I'm at home
I get stupid around people but I won't be alone

and the ways I would have hurt you would have been so complicated
don't think you understand the way my edges are serrated
I know it's smart to try and stay the way you are
but I can't be alone

running away to Seattle running away to Glasgow
running away to Leeds so I can hate everyone I know
I looked better on my first day I'm smarter on planes
I feel decent in the morning till you rot my brain

and the face I would have showed you would have been so fucking pretty
I didn't even want you I just really hate this city
and I know it's smart to try and live the way you feel
but I can't live alone


from poison & sleep techniques, released December 19, 2016




passion fanfare San Francisco, California

always give up
always surrender

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