Endless Practice

from by passion fanfare



if you put me back into orbit
pull me down from where I was flopping and choking
you could have me eating out of your hand

at the control center seated at my arcade
don't care if I don't ever get to update my hit parade
what matters is I'm gonna be fine

breathe deeply get back on my axis
quit smoking with endless practice

boys have consciences
they always develop consciences
boys have consciences
sometimes I can't abide them

and I hate women as much as you do
I don't mind screwing them over
all combed and trusting they don't see
me crawling on back to you over and over

I'll keep living while you keep getting better
throw me away like your faded out sweater
and I know
I know it's all out of love

but the control center seated at my console
I'll block all your bruises set all your movements
on real fucking slow

breathe deeply get back on my axis
quit smoking that endless practice


from poison & sleep techniques, released December 19, 2016




passion fanfare San Francisco, California

always give up
always surrender

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